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About Life in Bobby Pins


Hi, I'm Adison

My hair career started in high school when friends asked me to do their hair for dances, and since then I knew I had found something I loved to do! I started at Paul Mitchell Hair School in Ogden my senior year of high school and graduated with my Cosmetology liscence in February 2018.


One of the questions I am asked frequently is, “Where did the name Life in Bobby Pins come from?” Seeing as this blog is the beginning of a part of this business that I hope will grow and flourish, I think answering this question is a good place to start… 


When this business was still just an idea, my dream was to create a space where I could share positive vibes and my passion for all things hair and beauty. For a long time I wrestled with what I could name this new seedling business my young heart had dreamt of creating for so long. 


Although “Hair By Adi” had a nice ring to it, I wanted it to be something that was unique and held meaning to me personally, while at the same time was a symbol for something beautiful and deep for everyone else. After many hours of brainstorming, countless lists of potential options (most of them scratched out!) and a lot of discussion about all the different aspects of hair and life and how they could be related, I finally caught hold of the idea that a bobby pin - something so small and simple, is often the thing that holds a whole hairstyle together. 


That was it. That was the metaphor I could build on - just like a bobby pin holding together a hairstyle, it is the little things in life that hold it all together - family, an act of kindness, sunshine, a smile, soul-filling laughter. The list goes on and on, and is so personal to each of us but brings us all together. And there we had it - LIFE in Bobby Pins.

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